Nov 27, 2010

Getting Started

We have started planning our TEN YEAR reunion! (I know, we aren't old enough for that, right?) So far we have a venue and entertainment and we are deciding on food. We are trying to keep the price down so we can charge guests a reasonable amount, we are planning on about $20 per person.

We have reserved the Northland Arboretum which has a beautiful facility at a low price and is close to town for easy transportation. We reserved both the upper and lower decks/rooms so we are hoping we get a good turn out!

We have also reserved some AMAZING live music! Our very own Seth Doud and Ben Wilson will be performing!

This will be a very casual event. Meeting around 7pm for hors d'oeuvres and mingling, live music starting around 9pm, and the evening ending around 11 (but of course we can always just move to another location if we don't want the fun to end!)

Please follow this blog so you can keep up with all the planning and please add comments if there is something you would like to include in your reunion. We will also set up some sort of payment option so you can RSVP online!

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