Jun 30, 2011



Unfortunately, due to lack of advanced ticket payments, we are forced to relocate the reunion venue to Zorbaz on Gull. We are excited to announce that we have reserved the lower level from 6:00-9:30 PM! We still appreciate advanced payment. Cost of tickets is still $20 per person. The date is rapidly approaching so buy your tickets now! Thank you for your cooperation!

Your reunion committee,
Michelle, Kate, Lisa, Megan, Camille, and Ashley

Jun 23, 2011

People Attending

We thought it might help persuade people to come if they knew who else was coming so we decided to post the list of all those who have sent in their RSVP (by sending a check or paying by Paypal)

Updated 7/17/11

 Allord, Jason 
 Anderson, Rena 
 Androli, Troy
 Armstrong, Kelly 
 Barrett, Tom 
 Bastian, Breonna 
 Benedett, Nicholas 
 Beste, Ryan 
 Blocker, Kari 
 Boone, Bryan
 Brausen, Ashley 
 Bruchhof, Jennifer 
 Caughey, Mac 
 Clough, Gina 
 Cosgrove, Dylan 
 Cowell, Travis 
 Doucette, Andrew 
 Dunphy, Natalie 
 Ebert, Lisa 
 Eld, Tanya
 Engen, Samantha 
 Fitch, Shane 
 Gibson, Amanda 
 Gondringer, Jennifer
 Hansen, Brynn 
 Herbote, Heather 
 Holden, Kathleen 
 Jacobson, Joel 
 Johnson, Christine 
 Jones, Bryant 
 Kephart, Lindsey 
 Kiffmeyer, Lindsey 
 Kohls, Megan 
 Kretzman, Jessica 
 Kummet, Regan 
 Lake, Sarah 
 Lampa, Graham 
 Lorenz, Megan 
 Lundeby, Curtis
 Majka, Katie 
 Marks, Lukas 
 Marshall, Ivan 
 Maske, Christopher 
 McMullen, Michelle 
 Miller, Andrew 
 Morgan, Joseph 
 Nelson, Amy 
 Newhouse, Chris 
 Oakes, Amy 
 O'Brien, Chad 
 Olson, Lisa 
 Parsons, Vanessa 
 Pliscott, Kevin 
 Pohlkamp, Jessica 
 Polansky, Amber 
 Renneke, Lisa 
 Robinson, Melissa 
 Serani, Christopher 
 Smith, Alison 
 Smith, Jennifer 
 Templeton, Herschel 
 Terrio, Kristen 
 VanLandschoot, Camille 
 Viehauser, Mary 
 Wallin, Nathan 
 Weiland, Nicholas 
 Zauhar, Anna  

May 25, 2011

Finding Classmates

Below is a list of the classmates we have not been able to notify. Please look over the list and let us know if you have notified anyone on the list, if you have a way of letting them know, or if maybe YOU are on the list! Please help us spread the word so we can be sure everyone gets a chance to come. If you notify someone please send an email to brainerd2001@hotmail.com or comment on the facebook page so we can keep track of who has been notified.

(UPDATED 7/6/11)
If you notify someone who has changed their name please let me know their maiden and married names

Aberle, Mollie Joy
Anderson, Linda
Anderson, Luke
Baldwin, Amanda
Bendson, Brent
Bexell, Joseph
Booten, Sean
Brown, Kyle
Buscher, Scott
Carner, Adam (2000?)
Chishom, Jesse
Cincoski, Elizabeth
Cordingly, Aimee
Curry, Sarah
Delaney, Jesse
Eden, James
Finch, Lucas
Foy, Kristoffor
Franzen, Aaron
Gillingham, Cameron
Gilman, Anthony
Goff, Kelly
Goffman, Daniel
Gustafson, Mark
Halverson, Courtney
Hegre, Amy
Heitkamp, Justin
Hines, Joseph
Hines, Michael
Hoffman, Ross
Holst, Kenneth
Hoskins, Gussie
Howard, Christopher
Isackson, Peter
Jensen, Lindsay
Johnson, Natalie
Karlson, Tricia
Killoran, Carissa
Krecklau, Constance
Kvistad, Marcus
Lang, Carrie
Larsen, Phillip
Larson, Chrysi
Larson, Jason
Leavitt, Andrea
Lindenfelser, Jaime
Lough, Crystal
Lovitz, Matthew
MacLaughlin, Marcus
Magnan, Brandon
Masao, Elizabeth
Matich, Michael
McDonough, David
Miles, Elizabeth
Moe, Jonathon
Montgomery, Anna
Morgan, Lisa
Nagano, Kanako
Nelson, Daniel
Nori, Guilherme
Olson, John
Patterson, Cecilia
Peglow, Emmanuel
Ramsdell, Anna
Rasmussen, Sara
Ream, Rebekah
Reinhart, Travis
Rinio, Eric
Rosinger, Abbey
Rudquist, Jake
Savaget, Tama
Schuh, Benjamin
Schumacher, Myrinda
Schwartz, David
Shimoirisa, Yurika
Smith, Christopher
Smude, Joshua
Smude, Kari
Swankier, Ashley
Thielen, Kelley
Thompson, Sarah
Thurlow, Meghan
VanWyngeeren, Grant
Vogt, Brandon
Vopatek, Daniel
Wibstad, Cassandra
Wilson, Chantel
Yde, Sarah
Zech, Cody

May 14, 2011


The reunion committee had another meeting last night. Our biggest concern at this point is getting enough money to pay for the venue and food so PLEASE buy your tickets ASAP! You can send a check to Kate Nilson or use paypal. It's $20 per person if you send a check or $21 per person on paypal (because of service fees) And please include maiden names so we know who you are! The price will be going up to $25 per person starting June 1st!

Tickets on sale until July 15th (we need to tell the caterer how many people will be coming in advance). If you won't know by then if you can make it, please send a message to
brainerd2001@hotmail.com and we can figure something out!

Mar 11, 2011

Ticket Update

Thanks to those of you who have paid for your ticket to the reunion !!!!

If you plan to attend, please get your money in. 

Feb 14, 2011

Reuntion Update

With less than 6 months until the reunion, we wanted to send out an update.  Because we don’t have any funds to begin with, and have to start putting down deposits, we would appreciate if you could start paying for your tickets.  There are two options for payment.  You can mail a check ($20 per person) to:
Kate Nilson  (formely Holden)
2836 Fernwood Street. 
Roseville, MN 55113.

*Please include your maiden name and an e-mail address if you would like a confirmation*
Or, you pay online with a credit card.  Tickets are $21 per person with this option because of a $1 service charge.  There is a link on the right side of this page for online payment. 


To cut down on costs, we are not going to be sending out a formal mailing invite for the reunion.  We will print something in the Brainerd Newspaper and start a list of those classmates who have not been contacted on Facebook.  Please help us out by checking this blog often as we start to list classmates we have not contacted.  If you have a way to reach them, please update them on the reunion, direct them to the website, and let us know so we can remove them from the list. 

Thanks J

Dec 2, 2010

Arboretum Clarification

Now that we are starting to spread the word about the reunion we have gotten some questions about our venue, the Northland Arboretum. We just wanted to clarify that we will be having the reunion in the conference center, it will NOT be outside like a good old high school party in the woods! (although they sure were fun!) We have reserved two large rooms and even some deck space so you can mingle outside if you like but most of the festivities will be indoors.

Also wanted to clarify YES you can drink at the arboretum! We are planning on having a cash bar!

Please follow this link to see the facilities     http://northlandarb.com/index.cfm/pageid/18

Nov 27, 2010

Getting Started

We have started planning our TEN YEAR reunion! (I know, we aren't old enough for that, right?) So far we have a venue and entertainment and we are deciding on food. We are trying to keep the price down so we can charge guests a reasonable amount, we are planning on about $20 per person.

We have reserved the Northland Arboretum http://northlandarb.com/ which has a beautiful facility at a low price and is close to town for easy transportation. We reserved both the upper and lower decks/rooms so we are hoping we get a good turn out!

We have also reserved some AMAZING live music! Our very own Seth Doud and Ben Wilson will be performing!

This will be a very casual event. Meeting around 7pm for hors d'oeuvres and mingling, live music starting around 9pm, and the evening ending around 11 (but of course we can always just move to another location if we don't want the fun to end!)

Please follow this blog so you can keep up with all the planning and please add comments if there is something you would like to include in your reunion. We will also set up some sort of payment option so you can RSVP online!